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Add Emojis on your bot

You can easily add emojis in your bot’s responses with a simple copy and paste from EmojiPedia.

Choose your emoji:

On EmojiPedia, look for your emoji with the search toolbar.

You can also find some inspiration from the emojis list:

Copy your emoji

On the emoji page, you just have to click on the Copy button.

Use your emoji on the Clustaar bot builder

How to:

Enter in your Step, add your Action and copy your emoji.

Save the Step.

Now your bot sends emojis! ✌️

Where can I use it?

Everywhere! In text action, quick replies and cards!

How your emoji reacts on different devices

Be careful, your emoji may look different depending on the device. Example of growing heart emoji:

On Messenger in Chrome for a Windows Device:


On Messenger for an iPhone 6s device:

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