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How to create a persistent menu

Discover how to easily create a persistent menu for your Clustaar Webchat.

Setting a persistent menu enables your users to access to your bot main functionalities anytime in the conversation. 

However, persistent menu configuration is optional, you can set your bot “Live” with no persistent menu set. 

Configure your menu

To configure your bot persistent menu, you need to go to “Menu” tab of Clustaar Webchat configuration panel.

In this page, one menu item is displayed by default and you can add up to 5 items. 

For each item, you need to configure:

  • “Label” field: this corresponds to the label which will be displayed in your webchat. It needs to be clear and concise.
  • “Custom event / URL” dropdown: this is the desired trigger type.
    For example, if you want to trigger the story “Menu” on click on this item, select “Custom event”.
    On the contrary, if you want to trigger a particular URL, select “URL” option.

if “Custom event” selected: 

  • “Trigger event” field. On click, all the existing events and corresponding triggered stories are displayed. Events displayed here correspond to events declared in the “Behaviour” tab of your webchat.
    If no existing event suits you, you can create a new event by clicking on “Create a new event” button, at the bottom of you events list.

On click on this button, an event creation modal opens. Fill your event name and set the story to be triggered to Create your event.

if “URL” selected: 

  • “URL” field: Copy and paste the desired URL here

When your menu configuration is over, you can either move to another tab of your Clustaar Webchat configuration, or directly “Save” the modifications you have done.

Use your menu on the webchat

To unfold the menu, click the menu icon. You can then select the desired item. On click:

  • if the trigger is a custom event: the corresponding story will be triggered in the conversation.
  • if the trigger is an URL: the corresponding URL will open in a new tab. 

An item “Reset conversation” which does not belong to your menu will remain: it allows to reset the whole conversation with the chatbot. 

Fire up your configuration panel! 😉

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