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Add UTM source tags on outgoing links

What means UTM ?

UTM (Urching – in reference to the name of the first Google Analytics project – Tracking Module) is an URL tracking system used in order to mesure the efficiency of marketing campaigns, especially in Google Analytics interface. 

In this article, we are going to focus on the source tag, which enables to identify the traffic source on the Google Analytics report of the concerned outgoing link.  

UTM parameters are situated at the end of the website URL, generally after a “?”, not affecting the access to the landing page.
The UTM source tag is composed of two elements : the parameter and the value. Here the parameter is utm_source, and the value clustaar-chatbot for example.

In Text actions

Drag & drop the text action and then type the desired website URL inside an href tag. At the bottom of your URL, type ?utm_source=source-name.

In this example, the text action contains the sentence “Go to my website”, and “my website” links to https://clustaar.com/?utm_source=clustaar-chatbot.

In cards 

To add an UTM tag in a card title’s outgoing link, type the desired URL inside the concerned field and add ?utm_source=source-name at the bottom of your URL.

To add an UTM tag in a card button’s outgoing link, click on “Add a button”, then go to the “URL” tab and add ?utm_source=source-name at the bottom of your URL.

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