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Built-in entities

The platform offers 5 built-in entities you can use, corresponding to a format of answers.

  • Email: Can recognize a email format and remember the information
  • Number: Will recognize a number, whichever way it’s written (“23″ or twenty-three”)
  • Date: Able to recognize a date under different formats and remember it under the ISO-8601 norm (“the day after january 19th 2019”, “tomorrow”, “in four days”…)
  • Distance: Recognizes distances, normalized in meters
  • URL: Can recognize an URL with just a domain name, or complete with parameters
  • French and international phone number: Can recognize all the different formats of French phone numbers (06,07,01 etc..) and all the numbers in international format (+33, +44 …) 

You can use those entities like any other. By using them in an intent, you can make them a required parameter to match it, and store session values.

Use it in an intent like this :

And use it as a condition between two steps :

⚠️⚠️ If you need to create to entity “@email” to recognize the word “email”, name it differently, so you can differenciate it easily from the built-in email entity. Same thing goes for the other built-in entities. ⚠️⚠️

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