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Custom Match of a user response as a Session Value with Regex

You might need in some cases an equivalent of a “custom entity”: we got you covered 😉

If you are in need of matching part of a user response, and store it as a specific value, we can help you.
Let’s say for example you want to be able to match order references: no worry, we are going to explain you how to do that.

In the step where you ask your user for a reference,  go into the “then” configuration section at the bottom of your step, click on “Add condition” and select IF “User response” “Matches Regex”:

Good; we are now going to build a Regex, and use the Named Capturing Groups to save match into a Session Value.

In our imaginary case, the order reference is always composed of 2 letters followed by 5 digits. The Regex should then be:


To have a better understanding on how to create Regex, you can follow this dedicated tutorial.
Now, adding capturing group, and imagining the user could introduce his reference with some text:


And finally, transforming the Capturing Group into a Named Capturing Group:


Et voilà! The mach will be then recorded and accessible in


in next step 😊

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