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Clone a Bot, Create Backups and Manage Versioning

Clone a chatbot

You can easily clone one of your existing chatbots. From your chatbots list, choose the bot you want to clone. Then, click on the 3 dots and “Clone this bot”.

An exact copy of the bot will be created.

Duplicate in another language

An interesting use of this functionnality is that you can clone your chatbot, and change the language in the settings. You will have to re-write intents, entities, and answers, but the whole structure of your chatbot will be there.

This allows you to create the same chatbot in one of the other languages handled by the Clustaar Platform.

Create a backup

In order to create a backup of your chatbot, go to Settings >> Backups. Then, click on “Create New Backup”.

The bot will be saved as your current configuration. You can have as many backups as you want.

Manage versioning: Restore an older version or clone a bot

From your “backups” list, you can choose any of the older versions of your chatbot, and create a new bot from it:

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