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Take control of a conversation

/!\ This feature is not accessible by default. Do not hesitate to contact us ([email protected]) to discuss your project and benefit from this feature.

How to influence bot behaviour depending my Support team availability?

Configure availability slots 

As a bot Administrator, you can define availability slots in the “Support” tab of the “Settings” section.

A week is displayed. This week is a template, which means that all the availability slots defined will repeat all over the weeks. Moreover, it concerns the whole Support Agent team.
To add a new slot, click the desired time of the day and then extend the period if needed. You can also drag and drop it wherever you need.

In case of a punctual event making the Support team unavailable, you can define a “Temporary unavailability”.
To do this, click “Activate” in “Temporary unavailability” section. A modal will open, where you can define the period needed (hours and minutes), starting from now. Once your period has been defined, click “Activate”:

  • the unavailability period displays in the Calendar
  • You can access the remaining time both in the “Temporary unavailability” section and in the header support tag.


  • You cannot define a period that goes beyond the current day.
  • Availability and unavailability periods have an impact for “jump to” conditions (see below) only. In fact, take control can be done whatever the support availability is.

Use “Support team” jump to conditions

New conditions are possible for “Jump to” actions: “Support team” “is online” / “is offline”.
This allows you to configure your bot’s behaviour depending on Support team availability. This way, if Support team is not available at request creation, you can redirect user towards a specific story for an asynchronous human takeover. 

How to take control of a conversation in app?

Human take control is possible from a user request, provided that:

  • you benefit from either Administrator or Support Agent rights
  • user who created the request is online (user status is specified live at the top of user request)

In fact, to start a new live conversation with the user, you only need to:

  • click “Take control” button, at the bottom of the concerned request: live conversation then opens in “live conversation” panel on the right of the screen.
  • directly talk to the user, by writing your message in the text zone and then send it using “send” button on the right of this zone
  • messages sent and user responses will appear progressively in the conversation panel

You can consequently both navigate through your bot and handle several live conversations in the mean time.
If needed, you can easily access to the concerned user request by clicking “See associated User Request” at the bottom of a live conversation:

Moreover, do not hesitate to select “All live conversations” view to access the list of all the live conversations currently happening, all agents considered.

What does it look like for my end-user?

The functioning is very clear and transparent for end-user.
In fact, from the moment when an agent takes control of the conversation, the bot is paused and user is notified by:

  • a banner “A support agent is online” at the top of the conversation, meaning that an agent is online and has the control of the conversation
  • a small text when the agent takes control and another small text when agent releases control

These texts cannot be modified. They are displayed either in English or in French, depending on end-user browser’s language:

  • if browser is in French: texts are in French
  • else: texts are in English

You are now ready to take full advantage of this new functionality and ensure that your users will never end a conversation without obtaining the answer they needed!

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