Here is a small dictionary of all the words you need to know to become a Clustaar Platform Pro !

Action : This word refers to all the types of content the bot can perform. These are explained and detailed in the “Explore Action” Collection you can find here.

API (Application Programming Interface) : Interface used to connect the Clustaar Platform with another application in order to benefit from its services. 

Channel : The interface to which your channel will be connected. You can learn how to deploy your bot on the desired channel on these tutorials.

Dashboard : The menu item which displays the important datas of your bot. You can access to your intents and entities directly from there.

Entity : An Entity represents a concept, or a subject, that you can use in a sentence. It can be used to handle different values for an important concept, or for the Chatbot to retain information during a conversation.
It can also be used as a safeguard, to prevent intent matching  if the use message does not contain a targeted entity. To learn more about this concept, read this tutorial.

Fallback : The fallback corresponds to the bot’s behavior in case it does not understand a user’s message.
There are three levels of fallbacks :

  • The general fallback
  • The story fallback
  • The step fallback

This tutorial will help you understand fallbacks and how to configure them.

Intent : An intent gathers all the possibilities for a user to state an intention. The chatbot will then recognize the intention and answer properly. After reading this tutorial, you will know everything about intents 😉

Link : A link determines the following of a step depending on defined conditions. A step can be linked either to a different story or to a step.

NLP (Natural Language Processing) : This is the capacity of the Clustaar chatbots to understand human language. Our NLP algorithm allows your bot to understand messages accurately regardless of common mispellings.
For example, if the user says “Helllo”, the bot will understand that the user wanted to say “Hello”.

Priority : It is an intent’s degree of importance. This is useful in case several intents match a question asked by the user. In this case, an intent with a high priority will take over another with a smaller priority. 

Step : A step is a part of a story which defines what the bot will do. The step menu is composed of three tabs: 

Story : A story is a scenario, based on your user’s answers. It has to be necessary defined as soon as you wish to go further than a simple question-answer chatbot.
It is composed of steps, linked to each others. To discover how to build a story you can take a look here 😉

Webhook : A webhook is a connector which allows you to handle data and build functionalities outside the platform. To learn more about webhooks, let’s go to our tutorial here !

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