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First Step: create a “Hello World” Chatbot

A gentle tutorial to begin with the Clustaar platform.


This might be the first article you read, so welcome 🙂 We are delighted to have you on board.

Our objective here is to help you create your first chatbot and discover the main functionalities of the brand new Clustaar platform. We will cover the basic example of the “Hello World” chatbot.

Let’s Get Started:

1. Create Your First “Hello” Intent

When you arrive on the platform, start by creating an Intent. In the Intent, you determine what the user is saying; you can start with “Hello”.

What is an Intent? 

Go to the Setup AI” tab of your platform, and create your first Intent.

In the text field “User says something like”, you must consider all the ways users can say the Intent, so the platform understands all of these phrases equal to the Intent. In the example below, we considered “Hey” and “Hi” as being equal to “Hello”.

2. Use it to Trigger a Story

Then, you must determine what the chatbot will answer, so here you’ll create a Story.

What is a Story? 

Go to the “Stories” tab of your platform, and create your first Story.

Here, we named the story “Hello”.

Then, use your Intent to trigger your Story. This means when your Intent will be detected in a user message by our NLP* engine. The story will be triggered and start its first step.

You can then configure your first step: Just click on it, and drag and drop the actionsyou want the chatbot to take when the user says “Hello”.

Why not a text answer and a nice picture?

Each action is explained in the tutorials below:

“Send text” Action

“Send Image” Action 

“Typing” Action 

“Send Email” Action 

“Pause Bot” Action 

“Set Session” Action 

“Replies” Action 

“Send Cards” Action 

Click on Save”, and you’re done!

3. Update Your Chatbot

The NLP* model for the chatbot needs to be trained every time you add an intent or an entity. It will automatically train itself every minute, but if you want to test a new intent right away, you need to retrain it.

Just click on “Train bot” when you see it on the top, right corner under “Bot outdated”.

4. Test Your Chatbot

All that is left to do is test your chatbot in our test console.

To properly test your chatbot, you can use the “Reset” button to cancel the current session and get out of the story. Just be sure you test your chatbot as a new user.

And here you are, you literally took your first step on your Clustaar platform!

To learn more, read our other articles, or go have fun on the platform.

Of course, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through our livechat!

Demo (Video)

Discover the same tutorial in video:

*NLP : Natural Language Processing

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